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Cathi, Phoenix

I went from wasting time looking in any every door and cabinet for what I needed - to knowing where everything was!  I have baking, BBQ and spice areas not to mention a pantry that shines.  A big thanks to Miss Organized!

Penni, Scottsdale

I have had the pleasure of working with Casey and her team for over 8 years.  She has moved me in and out of 3 different houses and organized each space every step of the way.

She is not only organized, but professional, hard working and efficient.  I would NOT have been able to survive without her!

Thank you Casey for keeping my life organized and more sane as a result!

Linda, Paradise Valley

Without Miss Organized I would still be walking around in circles and boxes would still be piled up in my garage.  Casey has a gentle, but firm, way of making  you part with items you’ve accumulated, but really do not need.  The separation process is hard, but, believe me, “out of sight, out of mind” !

She is wonderful and I thank my lucky stars she was able to help me organize myself in my new home!

Lisa, Scottsdale

Casey helped me organize a closet that I had been struggling with for years.  She quickly (and inexpensively) added shelving and rods to my existing structure and helped me bring the clutter off the floor and into the closet to where my 5 year old daughter could easily access her toys and games.  Thanks Casey - you saved me a lot of head banging!

Sarah, Scottsdale

Miss Organized is the absolute best. Trustworthy, patient, fast and dependable are just a few words that come to mind. Our project was very large; think four moves in five years with three kids in elementary school and what can fall by the wayside. Years worth of boxes that hadn’t  been opened in several moves. Miss Organized got it all into shape. Garage, every closet, pantry, and kitchen were fixed. It is such a huge relief to have everything in its place. We would highly recommend Miss Organized for any project large or small. It is so worth the effort to get it done right! 

Kim, Paradise Valley

My husband and I have utilized Casey's organization services on numerous occasions over the past several years.  Whether it was to help me with the traumatic task of sorting through my deceased father's possessions or the overwhelming task of preparing to file taxes for his business (which was in disarray after his death), Casey did an extraordinary job.  She is smart, efficient, compassionate and innovative.  We have never met a harder-working person!  She helped us move a household of seven people, taking on every aspect of the move with expedience and aplomb, sorting out items to keep/donate to packing, hiring movers, overseeing them and then to unpacking and organizing a new home so that it would be easy to manage and run efficiently.  Casey also has helped my husband organize his law office.  She demonstrates great respect for the need for confidentiality, is sensitive to painful or delicate issues we are dealing with (like the death or dementia of parents) and is extremely honest and trustworthy.  When chaos is raining down all around us, we can always count on Casey to bring order to our world.


About Me

I officially started Miss Organized in 2006, but in reality I have been organizing all my life :) Even as a young woman I developed an understanding of how clutter can influence one’s happiness and well-being. Through this understanding and with years of practice, I developed strategies that I share with clients so they can better manage their possessions, finances, and, most importantly, time.

The most gratifying part of my work is helping clients free themselves from stress and anxiety. Miss Organized specializes in cleaning and reorganizing but also provides clients with key strategies to help keep them organized even after I leave.

As a mom myself, with a full and hectic life, I can relate with the need to reorganize every now and then. As a professional I can help you clear the clutter so that you can put your energy to the things that really matter.


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