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Testimonials from clients

    1. "I went from wasting time looking in any every door and cabinet for what I needed - to knowing where everything was! I have baking, barbeque and spice areas not to mention a pantry that shines. I big thanks to Miss Organized!" - Cathi, Phoenix
    2. "Not only did Casey help us get our house organized with simple systems that work for us, she taught us new skills that would help us maintain. Because she got the whole family involved and had our needs in mind, we feel in control of our life instead of the clutter controlling us." - Charlotte, Mesa
    3. Without Miss Organized I would still be walking around in circles and boxes would still be piled up in my garage. Casey has a gentle, but firm, way of making you part with items you’ve accumulated, but really do not need. The separation process is hard, but, believe me, “out of sight, out of mind”
    4. She is wonderful and I thank my lucky stars she was able to help me organize myself in my new home! - Linda, Paradise Valley
    5. Casey helped me organize a closet that I had been struggling with for years. She quickly (and inexpensively) added shelving and rods to my existing structure and helped me bring the clutter off the floor and into the closet to where my 5 year old daughter could easily access her toys and games. Thanks Casey - you saved me a lot of head banging! - Lisa, Scottsdale
    6. Being organized has helped me feel better about life. It is crazy to think being organized can change you, but it does and Casey is the way to go :) Now that I know where everything is...I stopped spending money on things I already had! - Jill, Mesa
    7. Casey is passionate about simplifying everything making it possible to live busy lives while staying organized. She helped me de-clutter and setting up systems that make life easier! - Jessica, Scottsdale
    8. I don't think I could say how you helped me while in Arizona in just 2 sentences. Let me sleep on it and I will try to summarize my true appreciation for what you did to help me run a more efficient and organized family life. I miss you Miss Organized. - Kelly, Glendale previously (now lives in Canada)
    9. Casey is simply AMAZING!! She has helped us a numerous amount of times over the past few years. First, organizing our condo & making the best use of the little space we had and then moving us into our new home. She is so incredibly organized & has just the right touch to make everything look so neat! We still use Casey for "upkeeping maintenance" & plan to continue to use her for years to come! She can certainly turn ones "disorganized" mess into a perfectly "organized" and clean looking environment. We highly recommend Casey for any job, big or small. She has unloaded stress of "when will I ever get this done?" within a short period of time! It's worth every penny!!- Natalie
    10. I am so thankful I finally decided to call Miss Organized to come help me unpack and organize after our big move. I was determined to do it all on my own. But with 4 kiddos and a busy husband it just wasn't happening. Not only did Miss organized get my house into tip top shape, it has stayed that way! She is fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I honestly can't imagine where our house would be if she hadn't come to the rescue. My only regret is that I didn't call her to help me pack BEFORE the move. -Andrea
    11. Miss Organized helped me with all of my disorganized spots in my house including my office, media room and garage. They provided great service above and beyond what I expected as far as purchasing and assembling high quality but inexpensive shelves and cabinets. They work really hard and the results are amazing. Well worth every penny.
    12. I just returned from a two month summer vacation. I was dreading coming home to the disorganzized home I left while packing up a family of four for two months so I called Casey. She saved me. In a matter of days (2) we had cleaned out my childrens rooms, put all the laundry away and got rid of everything that didn't fit. It felt so great we continued on to some other closets, laundry room, pantry, garage, etc. What would have taken me weeks on my own, was done with Miss Organized in only two days. I can't tell you what a weight I feel has been lifted off my shoulders. Casey stays focused and just has a great eye and talent for organization. I enjoy living in an organized home where everything has it's place and now I can get on with my life. -Theresa